What is the best way to relax after a strained day or simply kill time? Of course, a good online game! There is just one condition: it should be light-hearted and not require too much time. You should be able to launch and quit it any time without getting stuck preforming endless missions and leveling up your character in a tiring series of fights just to get this much desired upgrade. The Amazing Frog is just that kind of a game! It’s a careless arcade in an open world with multiplayer mode. Explore the exotic city of Swindon hopping between the obstacles as a mutant toad that combines the abilities of a common frog and a superhero in unblocked version!

Released in the distant 2014 among the crowd of similar simulators, The Amazing Frog started its life as a friendly YouTube game. In its initial state, the gameplay mainly consisted of score points. Your task was to jump between the trampoline as a badly animated frog. After a beginning like that, the game surprisingly kept evolving throughout four years instead of just ending like many other of its sort. Now there are two versions available, each offering considerably extended content. In these new versions, the reckless frogs can swim across the sea, fly to the moon or participate in mortal pistol matches retaining their rubber-like physics. And even though the visual style of the game might seem a bit outdated at the moment, there is enough gameplay to cross the limits of the genre and get a firm standing on its own webbed feet.

The Amazing Frog is an explosion from the past with a new life. The multiplayer mode is still the heart of the game, but single player is also very vivid. You can move freely around the huge open world without being restricted by any missions or levels and interact with basically any object you see in the game. That means jumping from the roof of one building to another, hopping into the cars as they drive by, fighting and playing with other frogs and much more. There are also potentially dangerous monsters like a shark that loves toads for lunch. You’d better be careful while getting near! The colorful graphics and funny sound effects add to the whole atmosphere of the arcade making it even more exciting to hang around Swindon and discover what other possibilities are waiting for you in this vast city full of entertainments and madness. Enjoy The Amazing Frog online alone or with your friends and see what else the game has in store for eager players!

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