The Amazing Frog 3

The Amazing Frog 3 is an original and bizarre game including elements of sandbox, wacky laws of physics, and a lot of parkour in the open world. The main hero has absolutely no boundaries moving across Swindon, his home town, and freaking out as he wishes. And even though you won’t see any eye-boggling visuals in the game, it just doesn’t have to be graphically realistic. However, it does have a good deal of artistry. Everything from cars to quirky monsters is drawn in a unique style. That also concerns other elements of the visual world like the landscape, the way characters move and even the way shadows fall.

And since The Amazing Frog is a game that is supposed to have fun, developers includes a lot of hilarious sound effects. The very sound the frog is running with will make you smile. Say nothing of effects like the hero being put into the cannon and fired into the sky! Other sounds are attached to cars, weapons, enemies and even basketballs.

The game doesn’t charge you with performing any kinds of quests. It is an open world where you can do just about anything. For instance, lift any item lying on the ground and hurl it into anyone who just happens be near. Or hop into a passing vehicle or even ride an animal. There are also such options as jumping on trampolines, firing the hero out of a cannon and many more. This is perhaps one of a few online games boasting such amazing interactivity. And even though you won’t get to enjoy the pride of passing a particularly challenging level (simply because there are none to pass), that won’t prevent you from enjoying the game to the highest extent possible.

Aside from wrecking havoc on the town all by yourself, you can also play with up to four friends on a split screen. It’s up to you whether to team up or set a little competition. And when your path will bring you to a lake where the frog-eating shark lives you will be the one to decide whether to push your buddy into its hungry mouth or pull them from the dangerous waters into a boat. And that’s also fantastic because you aren’t limited by any preset type of cooperation.

Overall, The Amazing Frog is a very light yet very addicting game. And although you will probably require some time to get the hang of its bizarre physics, it will still add a peculiar charm to the gameplay. You have the chance to become one of the first gamers worldwide to try it on our site! Play The Amazing Frog online and plunge into the world of crazy adventures!

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