For Kids

Imagine that you are a frog. Not a simple one, though, but with an expanded range of possibilities. The whole city is your playground. You can jump from one building to another, move through the streets hopping over the roofs of the passing cars, and generally have fun to the fullest. This is exactly what the new online game The Amazing Frog offers us! The hero is a toad that is bored to just sit still. So he is constantly searching for entertainments doing what he does best – jumping. There are also other characters in the city – for example, other frogs with whom you can fool around. But there are also insidious monsters who can easily eat you, if you are not careful. At the same time the game is filled with cute hand-drawn graphics and hilarious sounds. This is just the option that will help you while away some time during wait or just kill a boring evening. You don’t have to spend many hours leveling up your character and tediously collecting loot. Just run the game on your smartphone and for a few minutes plunge into the bright, exciting world of The Amazing Frog! There are plenty of adventures and challenges waiting for you. Take your fingers on a crazy trip together with our cheerful green friend!

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