This crazy and fun game will tell you about the great deeds of a restless creature – this a toad who can change his color. Green, blue, pink – this is the palette your mad hero can boast. The events occur in one small town on the Misty Albion where your character will accomplish various tasks. The frog has impressive parkour skills, he can easily jump from high rise buildings and is capable of aptly move around the city on other animals – for instance, pigs. Besides, there are many other means of transport you can use. Even behind the wheel of a car, our toad can perform different stunts.

You can do a great number of exciting things – play slot machines, participate in races and become a superhero to rescue city dwellers from evil bandits. There is plenty of fun waiting for you! But most importantly, you will see your hero hopping over huge obstacles with ease and soar in the air! You’ll get to save your green skin from a hungry shark, explore the sewers in search of hidden treasures, save poor kitties from trees, play chess with your friends and do a lot of other fascinating stuff.

And if you get tired of adventures, you can take a break dressing your frog in various cool-looking costumes. However, to equip the hero with suits and weapons, you’ll have to accomplish a few missions scattered all over the city first. Just walk in the streets and look around – you are sure to see something thrilling happening just behind the corner! There are also daily missions to complete, but you need to check the game on time not to miss them. The Amazing Frog and its crazy adventures are waiting for you online!

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