The new online arcade The Amazing Frog offers you an open world represented as an interactive city called Swindon. You’ll be controlling a toad characterized by curiosity and passion for adventures. Your task is to constantly seek for madness moving around huge locations filled with various Easter eggs, curious characters, weird structures and many other objects. Here you can do whatever you want running, jumping and performing stunning aerobatics. You couldn’t even imagine a frog is capable of something like that! Note, though, that our hero is not a simple toad, he is the Amazing Frog! To make the game even more fun, developers have included a cooperative mode allowing up to four participants to jump into the entertainment together. You can even take part in the game with your buddies on the same PC – your screen will be divided into the number of sections corresponding to the number of players. The Amazing Frog online will thrill you with plenty of fun, craziness and fascinating missions!

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