Today there is no shortage of online games to any taste. But sooner or later we all get tired of genre limits. If only there was a game that doesn’t tether the player to a certain genre and allows him to do just about anything combining your favorite elements of gameplay… Rejoice, there is such a game! It’s called The Amazing Frog. Basically, it’s an open world simulator of some sort of a superhero toad with an addition of sandbox, adventure and platformer. Yes, no more obligatory levels, irritating timing or exhausting leveling! Your character has access to a full range of his abilities from scratch and he can go to whatever location he wishes. Moreover, all objects and structures in the game are interactive – you are free to explore everything and see what you can do with different items and characters!

The events unfold in Swindon which is actually a real town in London. Developers have copied it as precisely as they could. And if you happen to live in Swindon, you are sure to recognize a couple of places, including a coffee shop where you go every morning or your own apartment house! But at the same time you can hardly call what’s happening in the game realistic. Just imagine, a giant frog who can also walk like a human is running and leaping around the neighborhood doing all kinds of mischief! This isn’t something you can see every day (or at all for that matter)!

If we try to describe the gaming mechanics with one word, that word would probably be goofy. When you first launch The Amazing Frog for Android and make your first moves, you get stunned at how clumsy the physics work. It might take you a while to learn walking over ledges and leaping between the obstacles without crushing down to the floor. You can never be sure whether your hero will land successfully after another jump or end up with his face on the ground! And after several minutes of gameplay, you will see that it’s actually a pretty hilarious feature.

So, you seem to be in control of the toad and you’ve already explored a good deal of the city. What are you going to do next? Is this all the game has to offer? No, it’s time to complete some tasks! Yes, you aren’t obliged to do that and can just have fun, but if you do, you’ll get a handful of nice items and suits for your character. Besides, they will give you access to a bunch of other places in Swindon where you haven’t been before as well as bonus objects to interact with. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Find out more playing The Amazing Frog online!

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