Amazing Frog Simulator

The Amazing Frog Simulator is a fantastic sandbox experience that is fun to explore. This is a huge open world where anything can happen, from vehicles flying up into the air to you being pursued by a giant shark. Say nothing of head-spinning leaps between the rooftops! The action unfolds in a city called Swindon – you can actually find it on the map of Great Britain. And even though it’s fairly small and peaceful, hardly suitable for such crazy events, developers turned it into a little box of madness.

The streets are full of trampolines you can hop on to soar as high as possible and cannons from which you can shoot yourself even further. If you venture into the sewers, you can find plenty of interesting underground locations and if you dare to swim across the river swarming with hungry monsters, you’ll might be lucky to get to islands packed with all possible treasures. Besides, there are special multiplayer locations allowing you to have fun with friends, such as a wresting gym, death match shooting range, racing stadium and arcade-like obstacle course where you have to get to the finish line faster than your opponents hopping deftly from one platform to another.

All that takes place in an open world that is completely free to explore. You can wander anywhere you wish and perform any mission you like in any order. The tasks include both noble superhero missions like catching robbers or saving people from a fire and downright foolish things like setting off into a hive of giant ants. This is just the kind of freedom we lack so much in other online games! Rewards include various weapons, suits and boosters. And even though you can well do without them, it’s still a thrill to get your hands on a solid collection of rare stuff! Launch The Amazing Frog online this very moment and dive into the thrilling world of adventurous toads!

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