Amazing Frog Mobile

Everyone wants to be a superhero. But how about a superhero… frog? This game will put you in the shoes of a human-like toad obsessed with saving the city of Swindon from numerous dangers and enemies! First you need to get used to the gaming mechanics – how the frog moves, how long you have to press the buttons to make it jump at a necessary distance and how to balance on thin ledges without falling down. It will also be useful to run around the city and explore its districts, just to get familiar with the landscape and be aware of what you might expect there. When you feel ready, it’s time to take up a few missions!

The tasks are numerous and diverse. They range from simply keeping the streets clean by throwing rubbish in the cans and saving kittens from a burning house to helping the police to catch dangerous criminals or clearing a secret base of zombie hordes. There are also time races to check your reflexes and finger skills. Missions can be found just by getting in the right place or witnessing a certain event. Some are also handed on a daily basis – you can keep track of them by launching the game and checking the task list now and again. Completing these assignments will give you access to some useful items – weapons and bonuses – as well as bizarre-looking superhero suits. By the way, you can also get those suits by walking into hidden portable WCs – you’ll step out already in a new suit. Sounds pretty quirky, but this is what The Amazing Frog Mobile is all about. There is also multiplayer mode allowing you to team up or compete against up to four friends. Find out more about this hilarious game and its wonderful features by playing it online!

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