Amazing Frog 2019

If you are tired of standard online games where you have to systematically beat ever more challenging levels getting stuck for hours on the same location, here is something new for a change. The Amazing Frog has everything we love about arcades – a variety of settings, a good deal of platforming, various weapons to use, funny monsters to beat and fantastic physics allowing us to do literally anything. But aside from all that, The Amazing Frog features a huge open world that you can explore freely without being limited by any levels and a wide array of missions that can be completed in any order. It’s up to you to decide whether to run and leap around at will or follow the path of a city hero boldly fighting criminals and saving town dwellers. Accomplishing them won’t only bring you everyone’s respect – you will also gain new useful items and flashy clothing! But the most exciting thing is that you can play this game in a company of friends! There are cooperative missions where you must act as a team to succeed and a variety of competitions like races, death matches and platforming challenges. Guide the mad frog around the city, explore your possibilities, accomplish daily tasks and have fun doing whatever you like!

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