Amazing Frog 2

Welcome to an open world with no limitations! This is a world where a mere frog can grow to become a city hero rescuing kitties and jailing criminals – or cause chaos in the streets goofing off in every possible way. In this world, you can make a spectacular leap from the roof of one skyscrapper to another just for it to end up with a no less spectacular fall with you getting squashed like a toast, but that still looks funny and you won’t be killed. Here every object is interactive and there is no building you can’t enter. Whether you get a sudden idea of jumping into a car driving past or ride a bull grazing over the farm fence, you can do it and just take the consequences, be it a cinematic race down the city streets or a disastrous accident. You can basically go wherever you like and do whatever you like. This is the world of The Amazing Frog 2!

However, it’s not only about mindless fooling around. Sooner or later, you’ll get tired of that and long for some serious action. No worry, there are plenty of missions for you to pick up in the city streets. It’s enough to come to the right place in the right time and there will definitely be another task waiting for you. And even if you got to take cats off the trees instead of chasing gangsters this time, don’t be upset, every little thing counts to gain the repute of a superhero!

There is also multiplayer mode, but not the kind of random online selection, but a split screen session with up to four friends. And it’s much more fun than playing solo. Not just because you can do plenty of goofy things together, but also because there are tons of multiplayer opportunities all around Swindon. The city contains special zones for death matches and races plus a platformer-like map where you can organize a friendly competition. How exactly you will interact with your companions is completely up to you. Form a valiant superhero squad and fight the bad guys twice as effectively or wait for the right moment to shove your friend right into the teeth of a hungry shark! The world of The Amazing Frog is waiting for you. Show everyone what a reckless toad like you is capable of!

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